When I sit down to make a sketch from nature, the first thing I try to do is to forget that I have ever seen a picture.

There were few who thought him a starter,Many who thought themselves smarter.But he ended PM,CH and OM,an Earl and a Knight of the Garter.

The way of the superior man may be compared to what takes place in traveling, when to go to a distance we must first traverse the space that is near, and in ascending a height, when we must begin from the lower ground.

Perhaps justified violence is better than peace at any price.

Our lies reveal as much about us as our truths.

I’m not smart. I try to observe. Millions saw the apple fall but Newton was the one who asked why.

There is nothing ugly; I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may, light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful.

Being sexy isn’t interesting for me, I always look at what people have inside.

Life takes us by surprise and orders us to move toward the unknown even when we don’t want to and when we think we don’t need to.

Put your trust in God, but keep your powder dry.

History repeats itself, but the special call of an art which has passed away is never reproduced. It is as utterly gone out of the world as the song of a destroyed wild bird.

A dictum [Beckett] quotes from his favourite philosopher, the second-generation Cartesian Arnold Geulincx (1624-1669) suggests his overall stance toward the political: ubi nihil vales, ibi nihil velis, which may be glossed: Dont invest hope or longing in an arena where you have no power.

Dont let yourself be destroyed by a force that was placed in our hearts in order to make everything better.

For the task assigned themMen aren’t smart enough or slyAny rogue can blind themWith a clever lie.